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Autonomy Orange Liqueur


Autonomy Orange Liqueur

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Autonomy Orange Liqueur

A clever solution to a food waste problem! We’ve collaborated with the crew at Market Juice Co. in Melbourne to make this delicious and sustainable orange liqueur. Made using a blend of orange and blood orange peels collected after their delicious juices have been squeezed, this liqueur has bold and warming citrus notes balanced by sweetness and a silky, luxurious mouthfeel. A sustainable and local version of a classic liqueur.

38% ABV

Founded in Spotswood, Victoria by environmental scientist Ash Sutherland, Autonomy Distillers is committed to sustainably producing innovative, premium quality, small-batch spirits.


We are interested in waste: whether that be food, plastic, packaging, energy or time. Specifically, we want to reduce it.

Since unlocking the doors to our distillery in late 2018, we have implemented the best strategies to reduce our waste footprint – whether that be directly or indirectly – every step of the way.

We think consumers should be able to understand the environmental impact of what they eat and drink. And while producing spirits like this won’t change the world, we hope it will influence consumers on the environmental footprint of simple things – like good booze!


We strive to support local growers and businesses wherever possible.

To support local businesses, local farmers and reduce food miles, we use locally grown ingredients, native Australian botanicals and utilise not-yet-end-of-life ingredients in all of our products.

Autonomy Distillers respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which the ingredients we use in our products are grown. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Our still is named, “The Still”, and it is as simple as it gets – it has a boiler and a condenser, and on distillation days the warehouse smells like heaven.

Our spirits are made using products in their natural form – leaves, berries, fruits, seeds and citrus zest. To give the flavours time to marry and to ensure our spirits are crystal clear, we let our spirits rest for a minimum of two weeks to settle and mellow.

Our labels are printed locally in Melbourne, our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and every scrap of waste cardboard that comes through the distillery is shredded to carefully wrap our bottles for shipping.

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