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Delamere Cuvee N.V Tasmania


The Non-Vintage Sparkling Cuvée is a blend of vintages with the majority coming from 2014 vintage, with 30% of reserve wine adding complexity and depth. 2014 was a warmer season, with ripe flavours being achieved early in the season, at low sugar levels. 2014 yields were particularly small, giving wonderful concentration of flavour.

As with all of Delamere’s sparkling wines, the Cuvée NV is made by the traditional method with an average four years lees time. The assemblage was focused on retaining the fresh fruit characteristics whilst balancing the autolytic and more mature flavours.

This wine showcases many of the elements that make a non-vintage sparkling wine so appealing. The maturity of the older wine brings a richness and depth, which combines beautifully with the fresh apple, citrus and stone fruit flavours of the younger wines. The Cuvée NV has flavours of fresh bread, nuts and leatherwood honey and a lingering and complex finish. Too good to save just for special occasions!


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Delamere Cuvee N.V

Delamere Cuvee NV displays fresh apple, citrus  stone fruit flavours  combines with  fresh bread, nuts and leatherwood honey and a lingering and complex finish.

About Delamere

Delamere Vineyard is planted exclusively to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on rich ironstone soils. The deep red Ferrosol soils offer great fertility, good water drainage and moisture retention, alleviating the need for irrigation. The combination of soil and site are perfectly suited to these two noble cultivars.

The vineyard was planted at 7500 vines per hectare and has a cane-pruned, vertical shoot position trellis system, with a very low fruiting wire at 60cm off the ground. The low yield per vine and the reflective heat from the ground produces wines with superior depth of flavour and ripe, well-developed tannins. Vine age and subsequent natural balance are key factors in the consistent production of wines with great structure and harmony.

The region of Pipers River in the north east of Tasmania enjoys a significant climatic advantage that is unique in Australia; that of a very low diurnal range. This temperature stability is born from a unique set of geographical features. The waters of Bass Strait cool the hot northerly winds, while the cool southerlies gain heat as they cross the island. Cool temperatures and significant sunshine hours make for ideal conditions to retain delicate aromas in our fruit. The frosty and sometimes wild conditions of winter give way to clear, crisp, blue-sky days through the growing season, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, assuring the lingering acidity essential to producing premium cool climate wines.

In 2013 we expanded the vineyard, planting an addition 6 hectares, taking our total planted area to 12 hectares.

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Australia, Tasmania


$20 – $50


Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Sparkling


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