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Les Deux Terres Zig Zag Rouge 2017 France



Domaine les Deux Terres is about two friends, Vincent Fargier and Manu Cunin, who love wine. Both Vincent and Manu are from the Ardèche. They met in 1997. At the time, without the vineyards of their own, they together worked for a winery in Provence. Vincent worked in the vineyards while Manu worked in the cellar. Over the years, each moved on to different wine-related jobs. Then in 2007, they met again serendipitously when they were individually working at separate but neighbouring domains. So, Vincent and Manu kept bumping into each other. That is when they started dreaming about a domain of their own. Manu eventually purchased some vineyards that sit on a high altitude with basalt terroir. Meanwhile, Vincent got some clay-limestone vineyards from his family as his father was retiring. Thus, Domaine les Deux Terres was born.

This is an equal blend of Syrah on clay-limestone and Grenache on basalt. Sometimes, a dollop of Merlot is also added for spice complexity. Each varietal is fermented separately but blended into neutral barrels, where the élevage is about six to eight months. The presence of Syrah is self-evident in colour, length and perfume.


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Les deux Terres




$20 – $50


Grenache, Syrah


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