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White Birch Vodka


White Birch Vodka.In Russian culture birch tree with its simple but touching beauty is a symbol of purity, warmth and sincerity. White Birch vodka contains natural birch sap which gives the spirit an exceptional mildness and an exquisite flavour. Birch sap together with birch leaves infusion adds a smooth note to the flavour and a slight sweetness to an aftertaste.

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White Birch Vodka

White Birch, a classic Russian vodka, is made of grain alcohol ‘Luxe’ and purest water from the very heart of Siberia. Yet, birch sap is the main component which gives the spirit exceptional mildness and exquisite flavor. This high-quality premium vodka has been enjoying wide popularity among Russians a long time. It looks good on a festive table, its delicate and mild taste leaves no connoisseur of Russian feasts untouched.
Birch sap, or birch juice, is a gift of nature, unique in its composition. Birch sap contains fruit sugar, tanning substances, vitamins and microelements. It is widely applied in alternative medicine as a pick-me-up.

Birch sap contains over 2% of sugar and is applied as it is, or to make various drinks, including syrups, kvass, wine and vodka.

Wide-spread in Northern America and Canada, ash-leaved maple juice and sugar maple juice are similar to birch sap. Maple syrup, much loved in USA, is made of these juices.

All vodkas of Alcohol Siberian Group are produced at two locations in Siberia and in Moscow Region.

Company’s first distillery Omskvinprom was established in 1993 in Omsk, Siberia. According to the State Department of Statistics of the Russian Federation, Omskvinprom is now one of the top-three leaders among the distillery companies of Russia.

Today its output potential is equal to 17 million dal per year. Thus, it is one of the most efficient distilleries of the country fitted with Italian equipment of the 18 000 bottles per hour production output capacity.

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White Birch




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